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Indianapolis, IN – Foot One Mechanix is an Indianapolis based practice that covers all aspects of orthopedic care. They offer care in several sides of life including sports, pediatrics, geriatrics, and chronic pain relief.

Like many of Roundpeg’s WordPress websites, Foot One Mechanix is launching with a high tech feel that complements their commitment to innovation and patient care. Foot One Mechanix will dramatically expand the website in the coming months with patient information and updates on their research projects. Roundpeg provided training to their in-house staff to empower them to plan and add new pages to the site on their own. To view the site and to learn more about Foot One Mechanix visit

The site was designed by Indianapolis web design firm Roundpeg on a WordPress platform.

About Foot 1 Mechanix

Foot One Mechanix (Foot One) is a pedorthic medical clinic, focusing on lower extremity biomechanics utilizing the foot and ankle as the foundation to the human suprastructure. Our scope of practice includes non-invasive treatment modalities such as healthy shoes, shoe modifications, shoe inserts, foot and ankle orthoses and prevention treatment plans.