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Lorraine Ball



Indianapolis, Ind.– Otto’s Streetscape Solutions, based in Indianapolis, IN has officially launched its custom mailbox and post website. The site and online payment options can be found at

Otto’s Streetscape Solutions is one of a variety of parking related businesses under the ownership of the Otto’s Parking Marking group. The purpose of the newly designed web theme is to bring the brand into the look of the modern web. It includes new product pictures, a revamped layout, and a bill paying feature.

The new design includes extensive visual galleries of products which serve as a virtual catalogue for curious customers. Visitors can choose to pay bills online via PayPal.

The newly designed website also includes updates catalogue options for:

  • Mailboxes
  • Mailbox posts
  • Street Signs
  • Street Light Graphics
  • Online Quoting Tool

About Otto’s Streetscape Solutions:

Based in Indianapolis, IN, Otto’s Streetscape Solutions produces custom mailbox posts and mailboxes for sale throughout the United States.

For more information:
phone: 317-886-4400