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INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana – October 11, 2016 – App Press® has released a new free plan for its popular mobile app creator. The Build plan gives complete access to all features of the App Press platform with no monthly charge.

App Press is a design-friendly take on app development, combining drag and drop app creation software with a team of developers available for custom app development. Once an app is ready for publishing to app stores, the App Press platform provides a dashboard to manage the app by scheduling and sending push notifications, publishing content updates, and tracking app usage with analytics.

“Our new Build Plan allows anyone to create apps without coding,” said Grant Glas, App Press Founder and CEO. “This plan gives students, entrepreneurs and businesses of all sizes the power to make apps for free. You will pay nothing until you’re ready to publish your app, or you hire our team for custom feature development.”

Mobile apps offer businesses a unique channel for customer engagement, and mobile app growth is expected to continue. Using a mobile app creator like App Press allows companies the option of creating and publishing their own apps without having to vet and hire an in-house development team.

Unlike other mobile development tools, App Press doesn’t rely on templates to create apps. This makes it possible for people using App Press to create nearly any app they can think of, outside of complex games. The App Press team is also available for custom app design and development services. The Build plan gives anyone the power to create iOS and Android apps without learning how to code. People can use the Build plan for free for as long as they like, with no need to pay until their app is ready for publication to app stores, or they want to hire the App Press mobile development team for custom app creation.

“App Press was founded in 2010 with the goal of helping anyone make an app,” said Grant Glas. “After 5 years of development, and hundreds of loyal customers, we’ve decided to release App Press to everyone.”

About App Press

Founders Grant Glas and Kevin Smith launched App Press in 2010 to bring mobile app development to companies who lack the expertise to create and publish apps. Grant Glas is a recognized member of the Indianapolis entrepreneurial community and is a 2016 nominee for Indy’s Best and Brightest.

Since its debut in 2010, App Press has been used to create and publish hundreds of apps for startups, small businesses, and large companies like Nordstrom, Verizon Wireless, WeddingWire, and Simon Property Group.

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