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Indianapolis, IN—The Full Circle Nine Gallery (FC9) is proud to announce Robin Toulouse, and her show, “Vignettes” as the featured artist for the September IDADA First Friday Art Tour, on Friday, September 1st. The show will premiere6-9pm, and admission is free.

“With ‘Vignettes,’ I have moved away from the deeply personal subject matter of family and friends to explore my original and most important influences: Victorian memorial photography, classical music, and artists and writers of significance to me,” says Toulouse, a visual storyteller. “I’ve also included pieces where the objects are the story, told with photographs. I hope, when viewers look at my work, they come up with their own stories about the pieces.”

About Robin Toulouse

Robin Toulouse graduated the Herron School of Art with a BFA in painting and printmaking. Since then, she’s turned her attention to assemblage, three-dimensional elements combined to create a composition, similar to collage, and generally including found objects. “I chose assemblage—more accurately, it chose me—as my primary means of expression because I love telling stories with objects, and because I love the endless combination of materials and techniques it allows,” says Toulouse.

Toulouse works in memories and nostalgia and aims to bring to life the stories they hold. “My work is fun, and moving, and thought-provoking,” says Toulouse. “I love to talk about it and plan to include the stories of the pieces with the pieces so that viewers will be able to take a peek inside my creative brain.”

About the Full Circle Nine Gallery

The Full Circle Nine Gallery operates as an artist cooperative gallery, with each of the member artists and the board dividing gallery duties and artists roles. The artists will work together to help each other advance in skill and practice, as well as to bring success to the gallery. It is located at 1125 Brookside Ave., Indianapolis, IN, 46202, in the South Studios section of the Circle City Industrial Complex. For more information, or for artists interested in joining the Full Circle Nine, please visit