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Polebuff Launches Official Website

Lorraine Ball

Indianapolis, Ind.– Polebuff launched their new website which focuses on the one-of-a-kind pole cleaning device known as the ‘Polebuff.’ The site can be accessed at

Cherie Devir, the creator of Polebuff, is excited to finally share the benefits of Polebuff with pole dance studios and in-home pole dancers alike. Polebuff helps cut down on the amount of time and energy it takes to clean multiple dance poles for their patrons and promotes a sanitary fitness space.

The new website showcases the Polebuff product, the benefits of using a Polebuff in a fitness studio and the ability to purchase one online. Now customers can easily purchase a Polebuff of their own.

The new design includes:

• About Polebuff
• Frequently Asked Questions
• An Online Shop
• Contact information

About Polebuff:

Polebuff – Headquartered in Carmel, IN, provides a one of a kind solution for cleaning dance poles of all sizes and finishes. The Polebuff system is specifically designed to help pole dancers and pole dance studios keep their exercise environment clean and sanitary while saving time and energy.

Contact Information

Polebuff: (317) 522-8622

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