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Lorraine Ball

Indianapolis, Ind.– Project Leadership, an organization that helps low-income students in Delaware and Grant Counties apply and attain college degrees and certifications has launched a new website. The new site is designed by Roundpeg and can be accessed at

Project Leadership provides assistance to middle school students through the Indiana 21st Century Scholars Program, which provides students with college scholarship assistance. High school students can take advantage of the mentoring services offered by Project Leadership as well as bridge services which help students understand FAFSA as well as a summer courses that offer college course preparation. Finally, Project Leadership has started a post-education program which provides mentoring during college or certification completion.

The new Project Leadership website features the many ways for low-income middle and high school students to apply as well as a way for mentors to get involved. The navigation is easily accessible on the bright and inspiring interactive website.

The new design also includes:

  • Mentor and Mentee Applications
  • Project Initiatives
  • Leadership Blog
  • Donations to support Project Leadership

About Project Leadership:

Project Leadership creates and accelerates educational initiatives and programs that promote educational attainment and degree/certificate completion. It strives to improve quality of life and the economic health of communities, ensuring low-income students achieve an education with value in the marketplace through college access/completion.

Contact Information

Muncie: 765-747-5250
Madison: 765-651-0650

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