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Lorraine Ball

Indianapolis, Ind.– Revolution Fitness Products, based in Indianapolis and the creator of the SWYPE Towel, has launched a new website. The site is designed by Roundpeg and can be accessed at

Revolution Fitness Products was founded by Enrique Ramos, a fitness instructor and personal trainer. Ramos created the SWYPE Towel, a sweat towel that attaches to a boxing glove. The SWYPE Towel allows boxers to wipe off sweat without needing to take of their gloves. The attachable towel is perfect for runners and other fitness pursuits.

The new website enumerates the benefits and uses of the SWYPE Towel. The new design also includes:

  • About Revolution Fitness page
  • Benefits and Uses of the SWYPE Towel
  • Indianapolis Fitness Classes List
  • SWYPE Towel Ordering

About Revolution Fitness Products:

Revolution Fitness Products manufactures and distributes the SWYPE Towel, a small, reusable towel which can be attached to boxing gloves, workout gear, or wristbands. Founder Enrique Ramos is an AFAA certified trainer in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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